Flint Striker Set by Winkler Knives

Photo by: Point Seven


From the website:

A bit of tradition for the Winkler Knives II Collection. This knife is made of 1095 file steel. The blade edge boasts high performance properties achieved through hot salts heat treating, but the spine edge of the handle is hardened to consistently throw sparks. The set includes a leather belt pouch with sheath on the back. Inside the pouch is a tin with charred cloth, flint, fatwood and two textures of tinder. Also included is an instructional DVD that covers building a fire, as well as replinishing the charred cloth.
Cost of Set: US $450.00

From www.soldiersystems.net

Daniel Winkler Folding Flint Striker Set

“I didn’t realize until The Blade Show that Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler produced a fire starter set. Called the Folding Flint Striker Set, it’s based on the items carried by frontiersmen before the advent of the match. Winkler is well known for his fascination with early American history. In fact, he began making knives in order to outfit himself in the same equipment as an 18th century woodsman.

Set includes Knife, flint, char tin with char cloth, tinder with fat wood and a draw-string deer hide pouch. Additionally, he can provide a neck pouch for the knife at an additional charge. Just like all of Winkler’s other products knife pouches are hand built, to last.

Starting fires in a traditional manner is a skill that should be acquired and practiced. If I could only get one thing for my birthday, this would be it.”

Mora of Sweden x Light My Fire

A recent collaboration between two well known brands in the fields of bushcraft and survival has produced a knife that will appeal to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts.

Mora of Sweden have been producing low cost, high quality knives which can be found in the hands of most bushcraft practitioners. When a brand is praised by Canadian bushcraft legend Mors Kochanski, you know it’s worth checking out.

Next up we have Light My Fire, another Swedish company whose products can be found in the kits of many survivalists, most notably their famous firesteels.

In a survival situation, having a knife and a means to make fire is essential. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to carry both items at the same time, you’re in luck!

Mora of Sweden and Light My Fire have teamed up to create the Swedish FireKnife™.

The Swedish FireKnife™ comes in a variety of bright colours (see the “Colour of Survival“) from which to choose and has an integrated firesteel that twists and snaps into the handle.

The Mora blade has a Scandinavian grind (excellent for bushcraft) with a “scalloped” portion along the top 1/4 of the knife.

The steel is Mora’s famous 12c27 Sandvik Stainless Steel. This steel is tried and tested and is an excellent stock for general purpose outdoor use – very comparable to Mora’s High Carbon blades.

The edges of the knife’s spine have been purposely kept “sharp” so it can be used as the firesteel striker.

The sheath is simple and functional – nothing fancy here. There is a small hole at the tip of the sheath for water drainage.

A gimmick? Perhaps.

Functional? Yes.

Good value? Absolutely.

Cost: Around CDN $30