NavELite Magnetic Compass

M i l i t a r y

The NavELite wrist-worn Backlit Magnetic Compass was invented and patented by two Special Operation soldiers.  Operations underscored the need for a reliable backlit compass for use when executing critical missions.  It became apparent in the early stages of the Global War on Terror in Afghanistan when soldiers had to routinely reference cardinal directions for tasks such as Close Air Support (CAS), adjacent unit coordination, and SATCOM antenna orientation that the current equipment available did not meet the needs of the Special Operation soldier.  The NavELite wrist-worn Backlit Magnetic Compass is a mission-enhancing piece of kit for the ground soldier; reducing nighttime operation signatures and adding to force protection.

Military soldiers recognize the need to be outfitted with a magnetic compass.  In tropical vegetation a soldier can quickly lose sight of their element becoming separated and disoriented.  This is dangerous in both a combat and training environment, especially during hours of darkness.  It is essential for every soldier to carry the basic magnetic compass, guaranteeing their ability to maintain a sense of direction and geographic orientation creating a much higher chance for survival in an emergency situation.

Global Positioning System (GPS) compasses are challenged or ineffective in some areas including; forests and jungles with heavy canopy cover, caves or other underground facilities, or in buildings or other structures not located in an area with good digital coverage.  If the digital compass loses power, the soldier is left with no means to navigate or even determine basic cardinal directions.  The second or even third-level fallback technology that NavELite offers is the soldiers’ solution.

An analog (magnetic) compass with luminous technology is the solution in such austere environments where ambient light, particularly at night, is not sufficient to see a compass needle.  Conducting operations at night provides tactical advantages for technically superior military forces; the NavELite wrist-worn compass is now joining the battle!

O u t d o o r   E n t h u s i a s t s

The NavELite compass is beneficial for trail hiking, backpacking, hunting, and outdoor adventurists that understand the importance of survival gear on technical and wooded trails.  The NavELite wrist-worn Backlit Magnetic Compass is an essential piece of navigation gear that will prove useful in any outdoor orienteering activity.  Whether a nighttime adventure or emergency situation, the NavELite compass offers you the peace of mind of having a reliable backlit compass solution for those times When Survival Counts!


Metal Magnetic to Northern Hemisphere

Compass Face

Liquid Filled Mechanical Packaging


Latex Free Flexible; 2-Piece; Meets 95% wrist circumferences

Momentary Switch

Polypropylene Allows for electroluminescent  back-lit activation


3.0 volt coin cell Capacity Range: 140 ma to 220 ma



Electroluminescence (EL) Panel

Green Luminescent EL Panel mounted behind compass face

Molded Packaging

Mechanical molded plastic Ergonomic design; Durability


Less than 35 grams Ergonomics

Bezel Diameter

1.36″ (inches) in diameter

Edible Survival Book

From Y&R Dubai website (blog):

Quite stoked last week when we saw our industry peers tweeting and posting our latest direct mail for Land Rover. Big thanks to everyone for sharing our work to the world.

In Case of Emergency: Eat this Book.

While Land Rover vehicles can take on any obstacles in the desert, it cannot be said the same of their owners. Scorching temperatures, deadly animals and sinkholes are just a few things they might encounter. And when they venture deep into it, even the most experienced drivers can quickly succumb to the harshness of the desert. We wanted to create something that would cut through the clutter and that these people would like to keep. So we created a survival guide, which explained the basics for staying alive in the Arabian Desert, and packaged it in a way that would spur the attention of our target audience.

We researched every indigenous animal and plant, people could encounter in the Arabian Desert and how they could be used to survive. We studied the topography of the region to guide people to safety. We used a reflective packaging similar to army rations, which could be used to signal for help, and bound the book with a metal spiral, which could be used for cooking. Finally, we even took an extra step so that in case of emergency, people could always EAT the book. It was made out of edible ink and paper, and it had a nutritional value close to that of a cheeseburger.

We sent the book to 5,000 existing customers, gave it away as a supplement to the cars’ manual and made it freely available in sports shops.

The initial response was very positive. And the client was so happy with the concept that they asked us to include the book as an insert in the next edition of a car magazine, with a 70,000 circulation.

Gransfors Bruks Sharpening Puck

If you carry an axe or hatchet into the bush, consider investing in a quality sharpening puck. These little stones are ideal for sharpening axes and hatchets as they offer you the ability to grasp the entire stone in a way that is much more ergonomic than sharpening an axe or hatchet on a bench stone.

The Gransfors Bruks sharpening puck is an excellent piece of kit.

The stone is a 50/50 combination of coarse (180 grit) and fine (600 grit). It’s housed in a rubberized case which makes it impact resistant and easy to transport.

Cost: Around CDN $45

Esbit® Pocket Stove

  • Lightweight
  • Simple
  • Sturdy
  • Small and very portable
  • Super easy to use
  • Cost effective
Comes with six 14g solid fuel bricks.

Six 14g solid fuel bricks can be transported neatly within the stove itself to save space.

The Esbit Pocket Stove can be adjusted to two configurations to accommodate different cookware.

To boil approximately 3/4 litres of cold water, you’ll require basically the entire life of a 14g Esbit fuel brick and a lid to help with the boiling process.

As a test, I tried boiling roughly 3/4 litres of cold tap water with no lid on a very hot day (33°Celsius) with a 14g Esbit fuel brick (0.5 oz). The water came close to boiling but didn’t… After about 15 minutes the fuel was fully consumed (the fuel doesn’t leave much residue which is nice).

Using a lid on the second attempt obviously made a world of difference. If you have limited fuel, try heating up your water with a bit of kindling first.

Great as an emergency stove or for the ultralight/minimalist.

Made in Germany

Cost: Around CDN $15





Suunto Comet Compass/Thermometer

Looking for a small, reliable compass for your survival kits or EDC…?

Suunto Comet

From the Suunto website:

  • Available for northern hemisphere only
  • Thermometer
  • Jewel bearing
  • Wind chill chart
  • Key ring
  • Size: 26 x 78 mm / 1″ x 3.1″
  • Weight: 10 g

Suunto Micro Compasses

The Suunto Micro Compass series comprises two models, Clipper and Comet, which feature a liquid filled capsule and rotating dial. An invaluable navigational tool in town or country, the compass can be clipped to a watch band or bag strap, or used as a key ring to ensure that the compass is always with you when you need it.

Cost: Around CDN $14

***Unfortunately, this product has been DISCONTINUED***

Protection Against Mosquitos

If you’re stranded in the wilderness without bug spray and under attack from the mosquito squadron, covering exposed skin in wet mud and clay will act as a relatively effective barrier against these bloodsucking devils.

Depending on where you are in the world (even if you’re not in a survival situation), protection from mosquitos can be a very serious issue. Per year, more people die worldwide from malaria than likely all animal attacks combined.