Precision & Car Control Driving Course

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This full day course is suitable for drivers of all skill levels. Gain exposure to a variety of driving scenarios by learning and practicing specific techniques and making the necessary corrections to improve your confidence behind the wheel in stressful and unusual circumstances.

Our team of professional driving instructors have been coaching drivers of all levels for decades. Our diverse roster consists of drivers from all forms of motorsports found across the globe, including stunt and precision drivers, vehicle manufacturer trainers, first response trainers and more!

Upcoming Dates

8:00AM – 4:30PM:

December 17, 2021

December 18, 2021

December 19, 2021

$350 / Participant / Day

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Registration Deadline: December 3, 2021, by 4:30PM


  • Proper Driver Position Maximize safety, comfort, and visual awareness
  • Kinesthetic and Audible Sensory Inputs Effects and impacts on the driving experience
  • Steering Operations Proper hand placement, and the effects of steering wheel position on a vehicle’s dynamics and handling characteristics
  • Feet Placement and Pedal Operation How the positioning of the driver’s legs and feet relate to safety and maximizing the feel of the vehicle’s operation and stability on the human body
  • Mirrors Optimizing for the fullest field of vision through the correct adjustment of your vehicle’s mirrors
  • Acceleration and Braking Learn how to safely and effectively operate the accelerator and brake pedals to promote maximum vehicle traction at all times with both ABS and non-ABS equipped vehicles
  • Shifting How to select the correct gear in an automatic and/or manual transmission vehicle to achieve an optimal driving RPM range, allowing the driver to experience predictable vehicle behavior
  • Oversteer & Understeer Learn the cause of both oversteer and understeer conditions, and the effects these phenomena have on a vehicle’s balance.
  • Reaction Use proper sensory inputs that promote correct driving responses and actions required to correct unsettling situations
  • Weight Transfer, Skid Control, Tires and Traction Gain insight into the physics of a vehicle in an unbalanced and dynamic state and experience traction management techniques that promote the proper responses and actions required in these scenarios


  • Participants must meet all requirements to legally drive in Manitoba.
  • Modified vehicles with a high center of gravity are not recommended due to dangers of rollover. Please contact us for any questions.
  • Participants are responsible to ensure their vehicle is mechanically sound and all components are in good working order. 
  • Seat belts must be in proper working condition with no damage.
  • No loose items in vehicle.
  • The organizer(s) and/or facilitator(s) of these events reserve the right to refuse any vehicle from participating if they deem the vehicle to be unsafe to operate. No refund will be provided.
  • Proper winter tires are strongly recommended.
  • Be advised – your vehicle’s insurance may not be valid during the event. Please check with your insurance provider.




Phone: (204) 782-5205


All participants must be in compliance with the province of Manitoba’s public health orders.

All participants must be double vaccinated.


A variety of reasons beyond our control (COVID 19, flight cancellations, severe weather, minimum registration requirements, etc.) could lead to the cancellations of our event.

Please be advised that the organizer(s) and/or facilitator(s) of these events are not responsible in the event of injury to the participant(s) and/or damage to the vehicle(s) and/or any other harms during the event(s).

Winnipeg Race Car & Driving Courses

Maple Leaf Survival now offers:

Professional Race Car & Driver Training!

Our team has competed in the Vancouver Molson Indy, the Cascades 8 hour and 10 hour Endurance Series at Portland International Raceway, the 4 hour Endurance Races at the Pacific Raceway in Seattle, ChumpCar, 24 Hours of LeMons, and the West Coast Sports Car Championship Series held at Mission’s River’s Edge Race Way in British Columbia.

The key ingredient to success when racing cars or hosting VIP auto events, is teamwork.Our group of mechanics, drivers, coordinators, transportation and caterers have been working together for years. We work smoothly and have an understanding of where we all need to be at the right times to make a day come together, whether it is a private track event or a full on race weekend.

If cars weren’t involved… we’d be doing something else. At heart, each and every one of us is a car guy/girl. Whether our passion is in racing history, building hot rods, supercars, or imports, you could pick any one from our team at random, sit down with coffee and talk for hours about cars. We do this first and foremost because of our passion and no one is here just because it’s a job.

  • In car instructors for all novice drivers throughout the day.
  • Instructors for intermediate and advanced drivers who want to work on a particular skill.
  • Helmets available (bring your own DOT approved if you have one).
  • Upgrades from novice to intermediate driver usually by the end of the day.
  • 5 sessions of 20 minutes on average per day (that’s 100 racing minutes).
  • Catered lunch and hot/cold beverages.
  • Track photographer for social media.

“You don’t need to be an experienced driver or “racer” to come to a track day…  but you might be one by the time you leave!”

It doesn’t matter what car you bring to drive.  75% of people coming to a track day are bringing Hondas, Miatas, Subarus and BMWs.  The other 25% are a mixed bag ranging from Lamborghinis to vintage 1960’s rally cars.   We always group drivers together based on speed and experience!



This is where EVERYONE begins (unless you have previous lapping day experience).  The day begins with a driver’s meeting where we talk about the track, weather conditions and any additional rules for the day.  From there you hit the track in your car with one of our experienced race instructors.  In the first 20 minute session, you learn to control your car and yourself and the turns in the track.  Further sessions will expand into cornering, breaking points, hitting the apex and more.  You’ll expand into learning the traction limits of the car, maintaining speed, faster ways around the turns, gearing and trail braking.  By the final session of the day you should be ready to go out on your own (if you feel ready).

Passing is only permitted in this group by point by in designated areas.



Instructors have determined you can drive on your own and with less supervision, as now you are ready to apply all the lessons and skills from Group Novice, including learning to share the track with others. Passing zones are open but are still by point by only, and speeds are pushed.  Where Novice is about learning skills, Intermediate is about gaining experience in various skill areas.  And if you have a trouble spot you want to work on, our instructors are always standing by to jump in the car with you for a session.  This is where you can really begin to unleash your car as it was meant to be driven!



Advanced is for serious drivers with multiple track days of experience.  Passing is open but by point by only.  This group is where you will find a wide mix of cars and people, from Ferraris coming out to stretch their legs, to advanced enthusiasts coming to set personal records, to full on race cars coming to do setup test and tune.



  • Vehicle is in safe operating condition
  • Mufflers!! There is a max sound limit on race tracks!
  • Seat belts must be in full working order for driver and passenger seats
  • Valid driver’s license!
  • A DOT approved helmet, though we can provide one if you don’t have one.
  • A willingness to learn to drive smoothly first… speed comes after control.


Contact us for pricing and private track day events!