Nalgene Survival Kit

Nalgene Survival Kit

Nalgene Survival Kit List:

1.  1L Wide-mouth Nalgene bottle (watertight, floats, crushproof).

2.  Snow Peak Mini Solo Titanium Cookset (fits perfectly with 1L Nalgene bottle).

3.  Small Metal Tin w/ fishing supplies (hooks, jigs, lures, line, weights etc.).

4.  Lanyard (attach a whistle, neck knife, compass, signal mirror etc.).

5.  Space Blanket (can be used as a fire reflector, signalling device).

6.  Sea to Summit Small Bag w/ small carabiner (holds the entire kit and store survival items if the Nalgene bottle needs to be used for water. Bright orange.).

7.  Iodine (treat cuts & scrapes, use to purify water).

8.  Mil-spec Tourniquet (keep separately – ideally on your person – so it can be accessed at an instant).

9.  Mil-spec 550 Paracord.

10.  Headlamp (pack spare batteries. Allows your hands to be free vs. flashlight).

11.  High-lumen flashlight which can be used for signalling (min. 600 lumens).

12.  Condom (placed in a sock to store water, wrap bloody hand etc.).

13.  Signal Mirror.

14.  Magnesium Tinder Block.

15.  Tampon (great tinder).

16.  FireSteel.

17.  Whistle (bright orange, floats).

18.  Compass.

19.  Sewing Kit.

20.  Band Aids.

21.  Aqua-Tabs.

22.  Candy.

23.  Tweezers.

24.  Dental Floss (makes great expedient cordage).

25.  Buff Headwear (Protection against the elements, strain/filter water, bandage, wash cloth, etc.).

26.  Rubber Bands (use to hold a Buff in place as a bandage, use as Tinder in wet conditions, etc.).

27.  Bug Spray.

28.  Tick Key (wood tick remover).

29.  Space Pen (usable in extreme conditions, use to write impromptu maps for reference, messages etc.).

30.  Red Sharpie (use to leave messages on vehicle windows etc.).

31.  Bic lighter (brightly coloured).

32.  Small folding knives x 2.

33.  Small fixed neck knives x 2.

Not shown: multi-vitamins, small salt packages.

Why we like our version of the Nalgene Survival Kit:

There is a lot of talk these days about packing light… the problem with packing light is that some people take this concept a little bit too far, sacrificing essential items, and potentially compromising their safety and survivability as a result. Instead of trying to “pack light” try to “pack right.” Packing right includes packing light.

The problem with a lot of survival kits, is that they can be so “comprehensive” that they are too big and cumbersome to take with you – they simply get left behind because they are a pain in the butt. The Nalgene Survival Kit is small and light weight so it can easily be transferred to and from a backpack, car, kayak, etc…

Nalgene Kit

In addition to storing water, many “off the shelf” survival kits lack a simple, robust, and reliable means of making water safe to drink. This is why we’ve added the Snow Peak Mini Solo Titanium Cookset. The Nalgene bottle fits perfectly into this set. It’s super light and extremely durable. Now you have a very robust bottle with a screw top to store and transport your water, and a simple and reliable way to treat water – no filters to change, no pumps to malfunction. Between the metal pot, AquaTabs and Iodine, we have 3 systems to treat water, all of which are very simple – nothing to break down.

A small sturdy bag is essential to this system. Why? Once you need to use your bottle to store water, where are you going to put all those nifty survival items? In the brightly coloured bag of course.

There are a few items which we do not contain in the bottle, either because they don’t quite fit, or for quick access. For example, we leave the headlamp out so that if the survival kit needs to be accessed at night, the headlamp is readily accessible so that we have light as we start removing the contents.

We consider many of the items in this kit to be “essential items”. We define “essential items” as those which you cannot effectively replicate in nature.

Nobody is as smart as everyone… and everyone you meet knows something you don’t. Do we believe this kit is an excellent base/foundation that is very versatile? Absolutely. Can our version of the Nalgene Survival Kit be improved? Of course! Feel free to make it your own.

Stay safe.