Swedish FireSteel 2.0

Light My Fire FireSteel 2.0 – Scout Model

The newest FireSteel from LMF is a welcome improvement over the previous model in terms of design. Although I preferred the ability to grasp the old all metal scraper as dictated by my own dexterity, the bulb heads on the new versions are relatively ergonomic. The only other difference is the addition of a built-in whistle on the scraper. Perhaps not a loud as a Fox 40, it’s still quite effective in its own right. If you are a minimalist, this new feature eliminates the need to carry a solitary whistle.

In a survival situation, this is a wonderful feature to have. If you lost your main whistle, or relied on this one alone, a whistle is by far more effective than shouting in terms of sound and effort.

As usual, the LMF FireSteel comes in a multitude of colors to suit any taste.

Cost: About CDN $13

Made in Sweden


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