SureFire® 123A Batteries

For use in the Klarus XT11 Flashlight

These batteries have a 10 year shelf life.

SureFire Lithium batteries pack a lot of power into a small package. Unlike alkaline batteries, SureFire High-Performance Lithium Batteries boast a ten-year shelf life, which means they will be ready when you need them.

Note: The Klarus XT11 takes two 123A batteries.

Cost: Around CDN $35 for a pack of 12

Let There Be Light…LOTS OF LIGHT!

Klarus XT11

This flashlight produces a maximum output of 600 lumens! It will absolutely blow away your headlamp (and bad guys too).

How bright is 600 lumens? Think Batman’s Bat Signal.

Need to light up the night? Look no further than the Klarus XT11.

The Klarus XT11 comes with a red filter to preserve your night vision.

If blinding your would be attacker with the XT11’s strobe mode isn’t enough, the bezel (removable) can be used as a last ditch self-defense striking implement.

The user interface is very easy to use. It’s simple and efficient – a feature Klarus flashlights are known for vs. other competitors. Use the large main (round) button for an instant 600 lumens. The second half-moon shape button is used to cycle between 600, 150, and 10 lumens. The secondary button can also be used at any time in any mode (by holding it down momentarily) to activate the strobe (which defaults to 600 lumens).

The XT11 comes with a removable pocket clip (simply pulls off). It also comes with a removable anti-roll/grip enhancer which slides off by removing the tail cap.

No pocket clip or roll-stabalizer.

Very portable!

The Klarus XT11 also comes with a Velcro-flap case which accommodates various carry options.



Max output: 600 ANSI Lumens on high
Max run time: 295 hours (12.3 days) on low
Dual button tail switch for quick, one-hand operation.
Mode switch provides good tactical feedback and is very easy to locate in the dark
Strobe can be activated with the Mode switch when flashlight is on or off
Forward tactical main switch with momentary activation
Maintains constant brightness with super high efficiency
Waterproof to IPX-8 StandardReverse polarity protection


CREE XM-L (U2) LED with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours
Modes: 3 lighting modes and 1 flashing
Lighting output: 600 ANSI lumens/ 2.2hrs – 150 lumens/ 7.3 hrs -10 lumens/ 295hrs
Variable frequency strobe: 600 lumens/ 4.4 hrs
Working Voltage: 3.4V-8.4V
Battery: 2 x CR123A / 1 x 18650 – (use of 16340 not recommended)
Body color: Military grey
Reflector: Textured orange peel reflector

– Tactical main switch for turning the light on and off with momentary activation from off
– Dedicated mode switch for instant access to strobe and changing modes
Lens: Toughened ultra-clear glass
Material: Aircraft grade aluminum
Dimensions: 143mm (Length) x 34.9 mm (Head) x 25.4 (Body) x 26.2mm (Tail)
Net weight: 118g (Excluding battery)
Included accessories: holster, lanyard, body clip, tactical ring, two spare o-rings

Cost: Around CDN $116


How to Survive Anywhere

Great content – Easy to Read – Pictures (Black & White)

Covers the following topics:

  1. Water
  2. Fire, Lighting, Energy
  3. Health and Hygiene
  4. Clothing and Shelter
  5. The World Is Tied Together with Fiber
  6. Food
  7. Tools and Weapons
  8. First Aid
  9. Navigation
  10. What Is Survival?

This book has a little bit of everything and is an excellent addition to your survival references.

ISBN 978-0-8117-3304-5

Cost: Around CDN $20


US Navy SEAL Survival Handbook

From :

The latest title to ride the SEAL tsunami is “The US Navy SEAL Survival Handbook.” I haven’t even read the thing yet, but I can reliably say that a Navy SEAL isn’t going to drop any special SERE sauce on you. At least not simply by virtue of being a SEAL. It just isn’t what they do for a living. However, author Don Mann was not only a SEAL but also served as a SERE instructor while in the Navy and that makes what he has to say worth checking out. It’s just too bad that it’s being sold as a SEAL book rather than as a survival guide written by a SERE instructor. Topics include: Making weapons and tools, Finding water, Wildlife for food, Making shelters, Signaling, and Sea survival. I’m a big fan of survival topics so I look forward to checking it out.