Our Team



Sherman “The Sherminator”

Since 2009, he’s been teaching people the fundamentals of survival. Sherman’s passion is logically breaking down the nuances of survival ideologies into simple terms so they are easily understood and applied in real-life scenarios.

Shawn “Woolly”

We call him “Woolly” because he loves wool. He says it’s because of its amazing qualities (which he’ll tell you about in our courses), but we think it’s because wool is naturally odour resistant. Shawn is our winter survival expert. For over 20 years, he’s been teaching people how to build traditional Igloos and Quinzhees. He’s Cree, lived with the Inuit in Canada’s high arctic, and a former Search & Rescue spotter. Shawn brings a wealth of unique knowledge to our team.

Jerry & Jim “Maverick & Goose” you know… from Top Gun.

Experienced Search & Rescue pilots, we are extremely fortunate to have them as they add a huge dose of realism to our courses. Between their presentation and flyovers, participants will get to experience what to look for when SAR pilots come looking for you.

Alex “The Man”

The official course designer for the Swamp Donkey races and a Ground Search & Rescue Team Lead, Alex is our navigation expert. Need to learn how to use a map & compass? He’ll teach you. Not only is he an experienced outdoor adventurist and mad-cyclist, he’s also super smart. How smart? Degree in Geological Engineering. Masters in Environmental Engineering. PhD in Engineering. Satisfied?

Tom “Radio Head

Ex-millitary. Expert in rescue communications. Holding a M. Sc. in Computer Engineering, Tom designs some ridiculously insane devices. His resume is impressive, and far too lengthy for us to do justice. To learn more about Tom, check out SolaraData.

Garrett “Gun Geek”

A qualified firearms safety instructor, Garrett is a bonafide gun guru, impressing even his friends in law-enforcement with his in-depth technical knowledge, exceptional marksmanship, and above all else, responsible approach on the subject.


We’ve often been asked… Do you have military experience? Most of our team has either been in and/or worked with the military in one capacity or another.

Consider the following survivalists:

Mors Kochanski, Ray Mears, Les Stroud (Survivorman), Cody Lundin, Tom Brown Jr. These instructors are world renowned and highly respected survival experts who have never served in the military, yet some of them have been called upon to train the military. As such, we do not believe that military service is a prerequisite to be competent in survival skills.




– Dirt/Snow



Our team has competed in the Vancouver Molson Indy, the Cascades 8 hour and 10 hour Endurance Series at Portland International Raceway, the 4 hour Endurance Races at the Pacific Raceway in Seattle, ChumpCar, 24 Hours of LeMons, and the West Coast Sports Car Championship Series held at Mission’s River’s Edge Race Way in British Columbia.

The key ingredient to success when racing cars or hosting VIP auto events, is teamwork. Our group of mechanics, drivers, coordinators, transportation and caterers have been working together for years. We work smoothly and have an understanding of where we all need to be at the right times to make a day come together, whether it is a private track event or a full on race weekend.

If cars weren’t involved… we’d be doing something else. At heart, each and every one of us is a car guy/girl. Whether our passion is in racing history, building hot rods, supercars, or imports, you could pick any one from our team at random, sit down with coffee and talk for hours about cars. We do this first and foremost because of our passion and no one is here just because it’s a job.