SnowPeak’s Mini Solo Combo Cookset Ti (Titanium)

Great piece of kit!

Finding a backcountry cooking system that is user friendly and doesn’t weigh you down is a search the avid outdoor enthusiast should take seriously.

The titanium SnowPeak Mini Solo Combo cook-set is ultra light, compact, and extremely durable – it’s pared down to the absolute basics and it’s all you really need.

Less is more and more is lazy.

– Jason McCarthy, Founder of Goruck 

The set is incredibly lightweight and fits together nicely into a mesh bag which is included. The orange cordage is great for visibility – see “The Colour of Survival.”

Not only is this a fantastic backcountry solo cooking system, it’s also a perfect addition (and arguably essential) to the infamous “Nalgene Survival Bottle.”

From the SnowPeak website:

SKU : SCS-004T

“This cook set comes with a titanium pot, cup, and lid, which stack and store inside the included mesh stuff sack. It features folding handles and graduated markings for easily measuring volume. Sets come in non- stick aluminum or titanium. Perfect for the solo camper or hiker that enjoys both hot drinks and hot food at the same time. As a plus, it is both easy to clean and carry.”

Material Titanium
Dimensions Pot: D 4″ H 5.1″
Cup: D 4.25″, H 2″
Includes Titanium Pot, Lid, & Cup
Capacity Pot: 28 fl oz, Cup: 10 fl oz
Size Stowed D 4.25″ H 5.2″
material Titanium
Weight 5.5 oz
Additional Info  You can store 2 GigaPower Fuel 110g canisters upside down or 1 canister and the GigaPower stove w/o case.

Whether you’re considering this system for your backcountry cooking needs, or looking for a set to properly complete your Nalgene Survival Bottle, this kit from SnowPeak is worth every penny – an investment that will last a lifetime.

Cost: Around CDN $60


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