Nalgene Bottle Survival Kit

For those who have an interest in preparedness and survival kits, you have likely seen the infamous Nalgene Bottle Survival Kit – a survival kit where your survival items (knife, fire starting devices, signal mirror, compass, etc…) are contained within the Nalgene Bottle itself.

There are 3 factors which make this system appealing.

  1. You can easily transfer it from one pack to another.
  2. It’s small. It’s common for survival kits to be left behind or neglected because they are too bulky to pack quickly and easily.
  3. The bottle itself is very effective at protecting the survival contents from water and being crushed. The other benefit of housing your survival kit in a Nalgene bottle is that it will float if dropped in water. Tip: Buy a brightly coloured bottle so you can easily spot it if you lose it or if it goes overboard.
While these previous 3 points make for an easy-to-grab, fantastically portable, and robust survival kit, the majority of homemade Nalgene Survival kits lack two essential items.
The first item which is often lacking is that of a bag or pouch. If you are in a survival situation and need to use the Nalgene bottle to store water, what are you going to do with the survival contents inside it? Having a simple bag or pouch as part of the kit will enable you to quickly and effectively stow away your survival items.
Remember – these items are critical to your survival (that’s why you packed them in the first place) so it’s important to ensure you have a means of keeping them together when your bottle is in use.
The second item which is lacking, not only from this system, but from most survival kits (particularly survival kits purchased “off the shelf”) is something to boil water in.
When it comes to the Nalgene survival system, an effective solution to both problems is the Snowpeak Mini Solo Titanium cookset. It allows you to perfectly remedy the issues mentioned above (lack of a contents bag/pouch and a means of boiling water). The beauty of this combination is that it adds virtually no weight to the set up, nor does it add any additional bulk. In terms of dimensions, the whole system remains virtually unchanged – it’s essentially the same size as the Nalgene bottle itself.
The addition of SnowPeak’s titanium Mini Solo Combo makes for a superior survival system.
  • The bottle contains enough space in which to house all your essential survival gear.
  • The bottle provides effective protection for contents against crushing and is water tight – making it float too!
  • A brightly coloured cap makes it visible. In addition, choose a clear bottle so you can quickly see how much water you have left.
  • The size of the Nalgene Survival bottle is small enough to easily take with you without being a burden.
  • Using the bottle in conjunction with the Snowpeak Mini Solo Titanium Cookset gives you a two piece cookset which can be used to cook food, but more importantly, boil water.
  • The mesh bag that comes with the Snowpeak cookset gives you something to carry your survival contents in when your bottle is being used to carry water.

A perfect fit!

Note: The Nalgene Survival bottle system uses the 1 litre “Wide-Mouth” Nalgene bottle.

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