Patagonia Tech Web Belt


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I’ve been wearing this belt for over a year and its fantastic. The Tech Web belt from Patagonia is simple, very rugged, and stays cinched. In terms of functionality, the buckle doubles as a bottle opener! Won’t need to buy another belt for a very long time.

TIP: In a survival/emergency situation, a belt can be used as a tourniquet.

Product Information from Patagonia’s website:

Product Information
Our Tech Web Belt has the holding power to keep your pants adhered when you’re running through O’Hare to catch the 6:15 to Boston. The forged aluminum buckle is lightweight and strong and cinches tight for a reliable hitch; it’s also handy as a bottle opener at the end of a hot day. The 1.5-inch-wide nylon webbing endures abuse and dries quickly.
 Cost: Around CDN $30

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