Survival Seminar @ Cabelas

Join us September 10th, 2016 for a Survival Seminar at Cabelas.

Topics covered:

  1. Shelter
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Food

A.  Knife Skills

B.  Primitive Navigation

C.  Search & Rescue

D.  Essential Kit


Cost $30

Time 1pm – 3pm


Participants will receive a discount on their next Cabelas purchase.

We will be giving away 10 tickets to the advanced screening of the new movie Deepwater Horizon.

Contact us to register!

Jan 2014 Winter Survival & Igloo Course


Hosted by: Fisher River Cree Nation

Instructed by: Maple Leaf Survival™

January 10-12, 2014

This course is designed for travelers and persons whose occupations expose them to winter/arctic conditions as well as winter camping and survival enthusiasts.  It is also designed for people wishing to become more aware of northern sociological and environmental issues. Techniques of winter survival will be examined through field work, lectures, group discussions, and slide presentations.

Personal survival kits for northern travelers will be discussed in addition to survival relating to downed aircraft. Participants will build their own Inuit igloo, and time permitting, the Athabaskan Quinzhee and Hybrid survival snow shelters.

Maple Leaf Survival is a locally based survival organization instructing survival courses at various locations in Manitoba and partners with Cabelas, Bushcraft Canada, Fort Whyte Alive and Oak Hammock Marsh.

Maple Leaf Survival practices a combination of old world primitive and contemporary approaches, focusing on what works rather than limiting survival skills to a specific style. A well-rounded approach using various methods and adapting oneself to a survival situation is the philosophical foundation upon which Maple Leaf Survival is based.



Introduction to the Arctic

Slide lecture – “Snow shelter construction”



Igloo construction


Complete igloo construction


Knife Skills

Survival food  discussion


Sleep in snow shelters


Quinzhee construction and Inuit games

Fire Theory, Concepts & Techniques

Rescue Signaling

Primitive Navigation

Survival kits




$65.00/person/day = $162.50/person (based on 2.5 days)

All participants are responsible for bringing their own sleeping gear and proper winter clothing, which is a requirement for the course. Accommodations and washroom facilities are available within the lodge for those who do not wish to sleep outside in their survival shelters. However, you will still need your own bedding/sleeping bags etc.

The course will be held in January and is usually the coldest month of the winter so please be prepared for the weather conditions. The following is a list of suggested materials and gear every participant should bring to have a successful, comfortable, and fun time during the course:

•     Sleeping Bag, blankets and a Pillow (cold weather blankets)

•     Bedding materials (roll mats, no air mattress)

•     Tarp – approximately 10′ x 10′

•     Winter parka

•     Snow pants

•     Winter boots

•     Winter head & neck gear

•     Winter gloves/mitts (two pairs) and Wool Socks (two pairs)

•     Cold weather clothing and baselayers (wool, synthetics. Please AVOID cotton if possible)

•     Flash lights

•     Sunglasses, Lip Balm, Toiletries


Optional – not necessary but would be beneficial


•     Knife (ideally a fixed blade with sheath)

•     Wood hand saw

•     Signal mirrors

•     Signal flairs

•     Survival kits

•     Shovel


To register, please call: 204-782-5205

Thank you


2013 Fall Survival & Bushcraft Course at Fort Whyte Alive

Mark your calendars!

Maple Leaf Survival will be conducting a Survival & Bushcraft Course this fall at Fort Whyte Alive on the following date:

Sunday November 24th, 2013

Join Maple Leaf Survival at Fort Whyte Alive and learn survival concepts and techniques at the Siobhan Richardson Field Station, a private facility located right on the water!


9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Maple Leaf Survival will teach basic survival concepts and techniques for safe and effective enjoyment of the great outdoors. Course topics include: shelter building, finding and treating water, fire by friction using a bow drill, survival food, knife and axe skills, basic navigation and rescue, and what your essential survival kit should look like.

A Search & Rescue pilot will be conducting a mock flyover to simulate a rescue and allow students an opportunity to practice ground-to-air signalling with heliographs (signal mirrors) and signal fires!

A hot lunch and snacks will be provided by the Buffalo Stone Café. Participants must be 12 years of age* and older to participate; registrants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

All equipment necessary to participate in the course will be provided. Participants need only to dress properly for the day’s forecast.

Participants receive discounts from our partners: and

Participants will also receive a Free Day/Family pass from Fort Whyte Alive

Register at (204) 989-8355
Fee: $60 each or register with a friend and pay just $100 for both

* Please ask for details at time of registration.

Note: Course must be paid in full prior to course date.

Maximum class size: 20

About FortWhyte Alive:


FortWhyte Alive is dedicated to providing programming, natural settings and facilities for environmental education, outdoor recreation and social enterprise. In so doing, FortWhyte promotes awareness and understanding of the natural world and actions leading to sustainable living.


  • Offer, as a primary focus, relevant programming that focuses on the dynamic interactions and interdependency between humans and natural systems
  • Offer outdoor recreational experiences that encourage individuals to enjoy, understand and sustain the natural world
  • Offer enhanced program opportunities for disadvantaged youth and families to participate in environmental education, outdoor recreation, and entrepreneurial programs
  • Offer exhibits that interpret Manitoba’s cultural and natural history and address critical environmental issues
  • Offer outreach programs that build and nurture sustainable communities

DISCOVER our outdoor exhibits and 640 acres of prairie, lakes, forest and wetlands. Highlights include a 70-acre Bison Prairie and viewing mound, more than 7 km of interpretive trails and floating marsh boardwalks, family treehouse, birdfeeding stations, and songbirds, deer and waterfowl in their natural habitat.