How to Survive Anywhere

Great content – Easy to Read – Pictures (Black & White)

Covers the following topics:

  1. Water
  2. Fire, Lighting, Energy
  3. Health and Hygiene
  4. Clothing and Shelter
  5. The World Is Tied Together with Fiber
  6. Food
  7. Tools and Weapons
  8. First Aid
  9. Navigation
  10. What Is Survival?

This book has a little bit of everything and is an excellent addition to your survival references.

ISBN 978-0-8117-3304-5

Cost: Around CDN $20


US Navy SEAL Survival Handbook

From :

The latest title to ride the SEAL tsunami is “The US Navy SEAL Survival Handbook.” I haven’t even read the thing yet, but I can reliably say that a Navy SEAL isn’t going to drop any special SERE sauce on you. At least not simply by virtue of being a SEAL. It just isn’t what they do for a living. However, author Don Mann was not only a SEAL but also served as a SERE instructor while in the Navy and that makes what he has to say worth checking out. It’s just too bad that it’s being sold as a SEAL book rather than as a survival guide written by a SERE instructor. Topics include: Making weapons and tools, Finding water, Wildlife for food, Making shelters, Signaling, and Sea survival. I’m a big fan of survival topics so I look forward to checking it out.

The Ultimate Survival Manual by OUTDOOR LIFE

The content in this survival manual is becoming increasingly more common in today’s survival references – namely urban disasters and other modern day catastrophes.

In addition to information on wilderness survival, other topics included in this manual include:

  • Floods
  • Tornadoes
  • Self defence
  • House fires
  • Power outages


The Ultimate Survival Manual 333 Skills That Will Get You Out Alive from OUTDOOR LIFE is a very entertaining and fun read. The pictures and other graphics contained in this book are fantastic but are more about form, and less about function. Don’t expect much detail. Subject matter is covered quickly and with brevity. Although it fails as a serious reference, it does contains some good tips, holds your attention, and keeps the concept of survival and preparedness alive in your mind.

ISBN 13: 978-1-61628-218-9

ISBN 10: 1-61628-218-5

Cost: Around CDN $29


Edible Survival Book

From Y&R Dubai website (blog):

Quite stoked last week when we saw our industry peers tweeting and posting our latest direct mail for Land Rover. Big thanks to everyone for sharing our work to the world.

In Case of Emergency: Eat this Book.

While Land Rover vehicles can take on any obstacles in the desert, it cannot be said the same of their owners. Scorching temperatures, deadly animals and sinkholes are just a few things they might encounter. And when they venture deep into it, even the most experienced drivers can quickly succumb to the harshness of the desert. We wanted to create something that would cut through the clutter and that these people would like to keep. So we created a survival guide, which explained the basics for staying alive in the Arabian Desert, and packaged it in a way that would spur the attention of our target audience.

We researched every indigenous animal and plant, people could encounter in the Arabian Desert and how they could be used to survive. We studied the topography of the region to guide people to safety. We used a reflective packaging similar to army rations, which could be used to signal for help, and bound the book with a metal spiral, which could be used for cooking. Finally, we even took an extra step so that in case of emergency, people could always EAT the book. It was made out of edible ink and paper, and it had a nutritional value close to that of a cheeseburger.

We sent the book to 5,000 existing customers, gave it away as a supplement to the cars’ manual and made it freely available in sports shops.

The initial response was very positive. And the client was so happy with the concept that they asked us to include the book as an insert in the next edition of a car magazine, with a 70,000 circulation.

Survival Stories

Spend a day immersing yourself in survival situations through a compilation of some of the greatest tales of survival ever. Live through harrowing true life adventures from the safety of your favourite reading spot and gain a new appreciation for those who’ve survived some of the most extraordinary survival ordeals ever recorded.

The Best Survival Stories Ever Told recounts stories of ordinary mortals who achieved extraordinary things. Spanning the ice-locked Poles and the endless deserts of Arabia to the storm-tossed South Atlantic, the rainforests of the Amazon, and sheer peaks of the Himalayas, it charts the dangerous relationship between men and nature.”

Jon E. Lewis is a historian and writer, whose books on history and military history are sold worldwide. Jon holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in history, and his work has appeared in New Statesman, the Independent, Time Out, and the Guardian. He is also editor of SAS: The Elite Special Forces in their Own Words.

ISBN: 978-1-61608-455-4

Cost: Around CDN $13


How To Stay Alive in the Woods

Geared towards survival in the Boreal Forest, this survival reference is quite disappointing. Although it contains lots of good information, I found it quite difficult to read. To make matters worse – pictures, diagrams, and other visuals are virtually non-existant.

Cost: Around CDN $20

ISBN – 13: 978-1-57912-221-8

Dispatches from the edge of survival

Easy to read, well written, educational… I found this book to be a worthwhile addition to my collection of survival literature. It allows the reader to gain a unique perspective and humbling appreciation for survival from those who’ve been there.

I really enjoyed the “Elements of Survival” that Les Stroud adds to the end of each survival story.

Not only does Les add a lot of insight into the stories, he assigns a percentage to the following categories based on their roles in the survival situation.

  • Knowledge
  • Luck
  • Kit
  • Will to Live

If you are serious about survival I would certainly recommend this book as a means to broaden your appreciation for survival, and perhaps more importantly, the will to live.

Cost: Around CDN $23

ISBN 978-1-55468-640-7

Survival Handbook – In Association with the Royal Marines Commandos

The Survival Handbook in Association with the Royal Marines Commandos is a very comprehensive and clear reference. The book is well organized and covers virtually everything you need to know about survival – combining the best of primitive and modern concepts and techniques. If not for the cover or title, you probably wouldn’t know it was written in conjunction with the Royal Navy’s elite commandos. There is almost no “military feel” about this manual.

The illustrations are fantastic and visually represent the text of this manual in a fashion that is very easy to absorb and retain. Due to its size (textbook), this survival handbook would be considered a home based resource – certainly one of the best on the market.


About the Author

After joining the Royal Navy in 1977, Colin qualified as a Combat Survival Instructor with 22 Regiment SAS, and has spent over 30 years teaching Land, Sea, Desert, Jungle, and Cold-Weather survival skills – as well as Survival and Conduct in Captivity – to UK and USA Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force personnel. He was the Royal Navy’s Chief Survival Instructor and also served three years as Chief Instructor at the US Navy SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) School in Brunswick Maine.

Colin has seen service in the Falklands, Germany, USA,  Bosnia and Northern Ireland in addition to serving a tour with the Army Intelligence Corps.  He still serves as a Royal Navy Reserve Chief Instructor with the UK Defence SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Extraction) Training Organisation, providing survival training for both instructors and students.

He provided the survival training, equipment, and rescue team for Sir Richard Branson’s balloon global circumnavigation attempts, and also trials, evaluates and instructs in the use of specialised survival equipment, both in the UK and abroad.

Colin’s first book, The Survival Handbook: Essential Skills for Outdoor Adventure by DK Publishing is available from all major book stores and Amazon (All Royalties donated to the Royal Navy, Royal Marines Association).

The American version of the book has been officially licensed by the Boy Scouts Association of America.

The book has also been officially licensed by the Royal Danish Marine Korps.

A smaller, more ‘back-pack’ version of the book, containing the essential survival information from the first book is now available from all major book stores.

Cost: Around CDN $30

ISBN 978-1-4053-2236-2