The North Face – Nuptse Winter Mitts

I’ve had these mitts for roughly four years now and they’re on the verge of being replaced. They’ve been through a lot and overall they’ve served me well. Winter here in Manitoba is extremely cold so these mitts have definitely been put to the test.

In terms of warmth the Nuptse mitts keep your hands and fingers pretty warm. They’re lightweight, cozy and very comfortable. They are elasticized at the wrist and have cinch cords at the end of the gauntlet to keep them snug and prevent snow from entering – although they are quite dangly and can get caught. I got one snagged by accident and it was torn out…mind you it was caught in a tubing lift and was torn out quite aggressively…otherwise the pulls are quite sturdy. This pair also features a little clip that helps keep the mitts together when not worn – very handy.

Over time however, you can tell the insulation isn’t as puffy and therefore not as warm. Although 10 – 15 minutes in the dryer helps to bring a bit of life back to the insulation, eventually it’s time to start looking for a new pair. I’ve extended the life of these mitts by inserting a pair of slender winter gloves to act as an additional layer of insulation, which works quite well. Nonetheless, the tips of the thumb are beginning to wear away and they’re reaching the end of their life.

During last year’s igloo building courses, the mitts held up well for several hours before the outer leather palms became saturated and I had to switch to a back-up pair. There is a suede-like material which runs the entire length of the top thumb portion which is great for runny noses in cold weather conditions.

From shoveling the driveway, walking the dog, to building igloos…I’m sad to see these trusty mitts go…but they’ll likely end up in the trunk of my car as part of my emergency gear.

Great mitts.

Cost: Around CDN $100


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